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Andreas Spinos
Photographer Andreas is the most experienced member of the Y53 team. A professional photographer since 1993, he has travelled all over the world looking for that special shot.   Andreas, a graduate of Leica Academy of Creative Photography, has always strived for evolution and has attended several seminars on photography, history of art and psychology of image. During this process, in 2007, he was admitted in the Athens School of Fine Arts and attended photography workshops.   In the past two and a half decades, Andreas has worked in countless projects from event coverage, to catwalks, to magazine covers and printed press (among others “Eleftherotypia” 1997 – 2005, which is one of the most well known newspapers in Greece). From time to time Andreas organises his personal or participates in group photography exhibitions. This one is the guy who might not pick up the phone, cause he’s hanging out of a helicopter over a volcano for a photoshoot. (True... More
Ermis Kontoudis
Head of Y53, Entrepreneur, Composer, Sound Engineer, Musician   Ermis has spent most of his adult life as an entrepreneur, having started his first company at the age of 20. He has been quite active and successful, ever since, in many fields ranging from wholesale building materials to Y53’s stock media. On the side, Ermis has worked as a session guitarist and sound engineer since his teen years.   At the age of 22, he graduated from the Department of Music Technology and Acoustics Engineering Dept. of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece. While studying there he was part of many projects, including (his own) building a robotic drummer that would translate MIDI data to physical playing. He has composed, performed and produced countless musical pieces for a very wide spectrum of clientele, something that came natural, as he spent his childhood in the studio helping around his uncle who was one of the busiest sound engineers in Greece at the time.... More
Kostas Panagakos
Lydia Avagianou
Photographer  Even though Lydia is the freshest and the youngest member of the Y53 team, she has been quite active in various artistic fields. As a professional chef, with a degree in culinary arts, attention to detail and a high sense of timing are her strong points and that is something that shows in her photos. Lydia has a unique sense of "Frame" when she sees a beautiful landscape and she's always willing to embark on an adventure to go and find that great photo-op. When she’s not outdoors testing out her new lenses or taking dancing lessons, you might find her in the kitchen preparing some gourmet specialties for the next Y53 get-together.  
Myrto Kotti
Y53 Creative Artistic Team Manager, Painter, Digital Artist, Graphic Designer   Myrto is the heart of the Y53 Creative Artistic Team, as she is the one that keeps the things in order. Always well composed, she keeps the perfect balance between her artistic side and that of a manager. Having studied fine arts at the School of Visual and Applied Arts dept. of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Myrto has always kept a keen eye for high aesthetics. After finishing her studies there, she worked for 3 years for the State Museum of Contemporary Art, while, still, continuing to explore fine arts through her own work by taking part in various exhibitions, in galleries all around the city. At the same time, she worked with applied arts as an illustrator for several printing companies and as a freelancer all around Greece, creating on-demand and editing content for printed press, events and promotional/advertising material. Myrto is proficient with all the latest imaging, drawing and... More
Nick Mavrommatis
Musician, Composer, Arranger, Sound Designer/Manipulator, Electronics Engineer   Nick is an all around guy in our company. He makes and performs his own music, runs the studio, works as a session bass player around the world, teaches music and nowadays he designs his own instruments. In his mid 20’s he moved to Los Angeles, CA, to study music in the Bass Dept. of the Los Angeles College of Music with some of the best guys in the music industry and ever since he has been quite active composing, recording and performing live. Ever since he explored music at great extends in pretty much every direction, finding great interest in everything from popular music to sound manipulation/design and psychoacoustics. His great fascination on musical instruments, amplifiers and effects, combined with his earlier studies in Electronics gave him the fuel and drive to design and create his own equipment. These days you will either find him recording in the studio, practicing or sailing... More
The company   Y53 was founded in 2013, in Greece, by Ermis Kontoudis as an on-demand media company and recording studio. Ever since, the company covered a vast variety projects, from documentary voice-overs to video clips and short movies, to fully produced music albums. The sister branch of the company was active in static and physical media (printing, 2-D and 3-D art) and provided the fitting solution for every corresponding need. Nowadays,Y53 expanded to a team of experienced artists and advertisers, and our goal is to provide a wide range of stock-ready solutions for the professional or individual who, for instance is looking for that special photo or musical theme to enhance their promotional or even personal material. Our stock media is being created and produced by our staff in order to fill an as wide as possible artistic angle of our potential clients’ needs. The Y53 Creative Artistic Team consists of musicians, photographers, artists proficient in both hand-made, 2-D and... More